As Isagenix continues to grow & expand our business worldwide, we consistently enhance our tools & platforms for you to minimize your effort, but maximize your results! We are thrilled to announce that the new ABO enrollment flow and ordering process are being live to bring you & your customers to a new level of user experience! Below are a few key points to the changes:

  1. Swapping the enrollment sequence so a new customer will be able to select his/her products first, before entering the enroller’s information.
  2. More user-friendly layout for your enrolling experience
  3. Giving more information on the products and real-time pack price total based on product selection
  4. Improved products placement, including pricing and BV and New product images and flavor icons
  5. Provide related/other popular products when you scroll down to help with purchase decisions
  6. Redesigned catalog to make searching for products easier

We can’t wait for your to try the upgraded Enrollment and order process on ABO! Now get a customer of yours to enroll via ABO, and feel the change!