Every adult needs to eat at least 3 servings of vegetables per day. However, Hong Kong people are hectic every day. They often dine out and eat less/almost none vegetables. Cooking in restaurants not only lose a lot of nutrients during cooking process, but also contains high oil and salt, and that the use of pesticides for vegetables etc. are so popularly used, who knows if it’s better to eat or not?

Isagenix Greens ™ is a simple and effective method to solve this issue. It is rich in 14 kinds of USDA certified organic plants and algae, including few rather expensive vegetables such as kale, spirulina, turmeric, etc., which are known as “super foods”. Phytonutrients from organic superfoods can be added to your diet and move towards your recommended daily vegetable intake. Add it to your IsaLean® shake, favorite recipe or water, and it’s an organic superfood experience! Try it NOW!

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