Fuel Up With New Fiber Snacks™


Looking for something to keep your stomach from growling before lunchtime? Now, you can reach for Fiber Snacks™, a convenient and delicious new snack option that helps you feel fuller longer, satisfies cravings, and keeps your healthy lifestyle on track.


When cravings hit, it can be tempting to turn to sweets or other unhealthy snacks that offer few nutritional benefits. With 6 grams of fiber and 6 grams of whey protein to support satiety and digestive health, and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, Fiber Snacks are the smarter way to snack! These individually packaged snacks, available in Peanut Chocolate Chew, are perfect when you are on the go or on Shake Days.


Looking for more ways to curb your hunger? Here are a few simple tips for healthy snacking habits:


  1. Read the Nutrition Facts…All of Them


Educate yourself about what you’re about to put in your body, really process the information and you might find that your hunger subsides. Ask yourself, if you ate everything in the package (or a realistically indulgent portion), how much caloric impact would that have on your day?


  1. Keep a Food Diary


If mindless snacking is a problem for you, a food diary is a great solution. By forcing yourself to record your food intake, you’ll see (and likely reconsider) the true scope of your snacking.


  1. Find Quality Snacks to Indulge In


The act of snacking, itself, isn’t necessarily bad. The problem lies in most snack foods being detrimental to your diet. Foods that add value to your daily nutrition, such as Fiber Snacks can be included in your day, guilt-free. Fresh vegetables and fruits, small quantities of healthy nuts, are also good snacking alternatives.