Collagen is very important for skin elasticity, moisturization, articular cartilage, ligaments, and our tendons, but starting at 25 years old it is lost in large amounts with our age. This problem not only is a concern for ladies who care about their beauty, but also everyone who would like to keep good mobility even as you age.

Isagenix newly launched Collagen Bone Broth infused with collagen peptides and vitamin C — both crucial to producing collagen and boosting skin health when taken regularly, can actively support collagen that naturally declines with age. In addition to that, it contains 8 grams of high-quality collagen peptides and bone broth protein from grass-fed cows never treated with hormones or routine antibiotics and made with natural ingredients and is Cleanse Day approved! You can enjoy it every windy evening by simply adding warm water, or add your favorite cooked vegetables and/or cooked meat into it!

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