Great news! good news! Cleanse For Life is now available in small bottles!


Cleanse for Life is a harmonious blend of natural cleanse-supporting herbs, antioxidant botanicals, and rich nutrients. It can replenish and nourish your body, and support and restore the body’s natural detoxification system during the Cleanse days (intermittent fasting). It provides vitamin B and botanical ingredients: such as ashwagandha, bilberry, burdock root and turmeric, effectively resisting the negative effects of daily life. And aloe vera and peppermint soothes the stomach to support your digestive system.


Cleanse Days Are Awesome!

Going a full day without a meal is actually not as hard as you might think. The scientific research shows that our bodies do some amazing things while fasting.

1. Fat burning.
During Cleanse Days, your body uses up its stored energy and turns to burning fat.

2. Detoxification.
As you burn fat, the fat cells release stored toxins. This allows your liver, kidneys, and other vital organs to finish up the detoxification process.

3. Improve insulin sensitivity

Regular Cleanse days can help regulate your metabolism and your body will become more sensitive to insulin, which means maintaining a normal blood sugar level.

4. Cellular renewal.

Fasting kick-starts a process in the body that leads to self-restorative action like cleaning up cellular debris and damaged cells to make way for newer, healthier cells. Cleanse Days aren’t just for weight loss — they’re for long-term healthy living.

5. Protect the brain

Experiments have shown that intermittent fasting can stimulate the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which can prevent neurons from injury and death, and regulate learning and memory. When the level of DBNF increases, the level of serotonin will also increase, bringing joy and happiness to people.

Now in addition to Cleanse powder, we have launched 2oz Cleanse bottle format! No matter if you are going to work, participating in any activities, or traveling to other countries, you can always carry them with you! You can also easily share it with your friends! How great is that?

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