Award season is upon us…Isagenix award season, that is!

This August, we’re heading to Nashville, Tennessee for 2018 Global Celebration and we can’t wait to recognize some of our most passionate and influential leaders at the Gala Awards, but we need your help!

HUNDREDS of nominees were selected based on the below criteria:

  • Being a true leader who inspires others
  • Living the values and principles of Isagenix
  • Empowering others to change their lives for the better
  • Creating opportunities
  • Becoming an expert in entrepreneurship

Associates around the globe were nominated for our 2018 Global Spirit of Isagenix award. Your submissions have been counted, and we have narrowed it down to our Top 10. Now, it’s time for YOU to decide who the winner of one of our most honorable awards will be!

Meet Your Nominees!
















To vote click here and on the English article select the person you want to vote for by clicking the picture or name. You can also click on the pictures and/or names below and you will be re-directed to the English article. Once there, click once again on the picture or name of the person you want to vote for and confirm your vote by clicking “Vote for this”.

Cast your vote by June 15! One winning Associate will be recognized onstage at The Gala Awards at 2018 Global Celebration.

Submit your vote now!