Be a Part of Global Celebration 2018!

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO EARN A TRIP TO NASHVILLE – Music City, U.S.A. – for Global Celebration 2018, the biggest and most exciting Isagenix event to date! Do you have what it takes to build and lead a new team of Isagenix Associates to victory?

Registration Period: 26 February 2018 –18 March 2018

Log in to your Back Office, go to the “Contests & Promotions” tab and click “Register” to enter all details.

Contest Period: 26 February 2018 – 3 June 2018

Trip Dates: 4 – 9 August 2018

How the Rally Works:

You can earn a trip to Nashville by building and strengthening your business through volume produced by all NEW 4-Level Personally Enrolled Team members (4PET) who enroll during the contest period.


Teams can have two Directors or above per team. Each team can have a maximum of 4 team members. All 4 members of a winning team may qualify for a spot if they meet the minimum individual 4PET 7,000 BV qualification.

Help new Customers and Associates join Isagenix and grow your 4PET.


The top 3 teams whose combined 4PET generates the most volume during the contest period will win the prize!To claim your place on the trip, you must reach the minimum 4PET 7,000 BV as a member of a winning team.
Additionally, the Top 10 individuals from North Asia (Hong Kong and Taiwan) with the highest BV generated by 4PET will also qualify for the price.

Additional Rally Rules:

1. The top 3 teams in Hong Kong and TaiWan will win the trip.

2. In order to qualify for a winning spot, you and your new 4PET must produce a combined minimum of 7,000 BV. Even though you may be ranked in the top 3 teams, you will not be eligible to win unless you reach this minimum threshold.

3. Members must enroll a minimum of 6 new people during the contest period.

4. No single member of your new 4PET may contribute more than 75% of your total 4PET volume during the contest period.

For more details, please refer to the Flyer


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