There’s a new and improved version of Ionix® Supreme, and we’re thrilled to tell you about it. You can now enjoy all the benefits of Ionix Supreme in a convenient, easy-to-use powder mix.

When you feel overwhelmed by life’s demands, your mood, mental clarity, and focus can suffer, making it hard to commit to healthy routines and balanced nutrition. Ionix Supreme is a daily herbal beverage formulated to support better health and mental balance. It combines herbal ingredients such as ashwagandha, wolfberry, eleuthero root, rhodiola, and schisandra with essential vitamins and minerals like zinc and vitamin B complex to help the body adapt and perform at its best. It is the perfect addition to a refreshing morning routine or nighttime relaxation ritual.

Improved Workouts

You may already trust another Isagenix product to help kick-start your workout, but if you prefer to train without caffeine, Ionix Supreme can be an excellent addition to your post-workout regimen. The herbs and other ingredients in Ionix Supreme will fuel your body and facilitate muscle recovery.

Support for Cleanse Days

Ionix Supreme is a cherished Cleanse Day companion, helping make intermittent fasting days a huge success. When taken alongside Cleanse for Life, Ionix Supreme’s herbal ingredients provide essential nutrition that your body needs. Take up to two servings of Ionix Supreme on Cleanse Days for best results.

Bedtime Routine

Your mind and body recuperate while you rest. Using Ionix at bedtime can help you make the most of your sleep so you can wake up ready to tackle whatever challenges the day brings.


The benefits of Ionix Supreme can be enjoyed any time of the day or evening, so it will fit seamlessly into your existing routine. The unique balancing qualities and herbal ingredients make Ionix Supreme a perfect start and end to every day.

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