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When in Seoul

With over 25 million people, you can imagine the myriad of things to do in this bustling 24-hour city. Be sure to check out one of the five royal palaces sprinkled throughout this major metropolis. Gyeongbokgung is the main palace and the heart of Seoul where you will find the Sejong Performing Arts Center and the Admiral Yi Sunshin statue. You can also visit the National Palace Museum of Korea, which is located on the palace grounds. If shopping is your desire, check out Myeongdong. Touted as one of the busiest areas in Seoul, you’ll find hundreds of shops to purchase souvenirs for friends and family back home (and maybe some gifts for yourself!). And if all that shopping makes you hungry, you’ll discover plenty to   your appetite with street vendors dishing up unique Korean cuisine such as sannakji (live baby octopus chopped up and dipped in hot sauce or sesame oil). No sannakji for you? Feast on fresh lobster tails and foot-long ice cream cones instead.

Do as the Locals Do

If you’re not into shopping and want to live like a local, try a popular Seoul food: gopchang. Don’t have the slightest idea of what that is? Edible intestine. Served fried or stewed, it is such a popular dish that most places will serve this healthy food 24 hours a day.

More Touristy Activities

There are a million things to do other than shop and eat in this city where ancient traditions are combined with cutting-edge technology (hello, fastest internet service in the world!). If you have time, take a Han River Cruise to see the city at night. Watch the Banpo Bridge’s lively water and light show from your boat. Or visit Jeongdong Theater in downtown Seoul where you will experience traditional Korean music and dance performances. After the show, join the samul nori (farmers music/dance) in the outside courtyard and dance with the band.

Night Time in the City That Never Sleeps

Gangnam is the traditional place to hit the clubs in Seoul, but if you want to fully immerse yourself into the city’s night life, check out Itaewon. Here you will find a diverse population of locals, tourists, GIs, and others looking for a more free atmosphere. If you aren’t into either of these scenes and want to try your luck on the roll of the dice, visit one of the city’s several casinos (open only for those with foreign passports).

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