2016-17 Rank Advancement and IBC Round 3 Recognition

sep-9-rank-advancement-ibc-round-3-recognition_08282017In order to give an honour to Associates who are dedicated to their Achieved Rank and IBC competition, the recognition is to be hosted on the following date and in the following time.


9 Sep, 2017 (Sat)


Registration: 13:30-14:00

Start: 14:00-16:30


Isagenix Hong Kong Office

18/F, Podium Plaza, No. 5 Hanoi Road, TST

We’ll recognize the following in this recognition:

1. Rank Advancement (Advanced between Apr and Jul,2017)

2. IsaBody Challenge Round 3 Top 5 Finalists

See you on that day to give a big clap to winners !